Yachtsupport had developed a patented floorsystem for engine and equipment rooms in superyachts

The floor system consists of a stainless steel (316) or aluminium frame fastened together by
a system of hooks that can easily be assembled and disassembled. The great advantage is
that on-board installation time is considerably reduced because the floor is delivered in
prefabricated parts. We design this floors in the 3D-model of the yacht, which makes it a
prefab product. There’s a possibility to mount the piping, cabletrays, railings, etc, against our
floor which can be easily mounted. Checker plates of polished stainless steel or anodised
aluminium are laid on the floorconstruction which are quickly and easily fixed to the frame
by a locking system.


High quality product & significant advantages

•  It is non-ferrous and can be completely disassembled
•  It is prefabricated and therefore on-board installation time is reduced
•  3D-design
•  Passenger Yacht Code approved

Technical area floor projects